Monday, July 22, 2013


The most popular post I see on fashion blogger's sites is the "how-to" post.  "How to wear all black in the summer" or "8 ways to wear bows".  Considering the fashion blog as a petal from the rose of inspiration, the how-to makes perfect sense, and, as most readers will agree, the list format guarantees at least a skim through of major points.  But here is my thought on the matter:  Frankly, I don't need to read anymore how-to lists.  If I wanted to know how best to wear pastel pants I would pick up a magazine or read something impersonal like  Blogs are not magazines; and we often don't have the man-power to become one.  But wait, before you start beating me like a judgmental horse, let me explain what I'm leaning toward.  Now I'm finding myself in unfamiliar territory being a new blogger, but I know what I like.  When I go internet troving, I'm attracted to my fellow fashion blogger's perspective, insight, and wit (extra points if you're a little obnoxious).  It's 10 times more entertaining to read a blogger's honest-to-god opinion than a list of instructions.  There is a reason so many Ikea desk sets take weeks to put together.  Why cocoon yourself into a formula already saturated by fashion media, or worse: forget your potential powerhouse voice?  If you work alone on your blog, sans collaborator, partner, or supervisor, you're in control, you lucky bastard.  Speaking as one who worked at a college campus magazine, compromise can be a bitch and trying too hard not to say anything offensive can turn into not saying anything at all.  Being able to spew my uncensored thoughts, relevant to fashion, was one reason I started blogging.

Those are my thoughts.  Now tell me yours.


paula mcclelland said...

Your'e making a good point - how-to guides seem a little like filler for my tastes. Amen for the obnoxious as well, I much prefer honesty to pandering :-)

Jean said...

Absolutely LOVE this post! I'm a new blogger (to this community) and think opinion is probably the most interesting thing in a fashion blog. Glad someone finally said it.


Sonya Mann said...

AMEN! I have literally zero interest in how-to posts. I know how to put clothes on my body. I'd much rather hear about someone's personal perspectives!